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Our sincere thanks to those who contributed to "the cause."  If you'd ever like to donate (money, time, effort, etc.), send us an email.  We also always sell ads in the class directory when they are published. 

Class Directory Ad Rates at Last Printing (Subject to Change)

Donations for the 25th Reunion

  • Necklace -- One of their finest--this necklace features a gold (22kt nugget) and blue (AAA lapis) caddisfly case on a 14 kt chain.  What is a caddisfly case?  Check out the world's most unique jewelry at
  • Ben and Kathy Stout
  • Monetary Gifts
  • Melissa Andes
  • Victoria (Liberatore) and Carl Cather
  • Bill Dunaway
  • Fred Fitzhugh
  • Bill and Judy Frame
  • Bob Joseph
  • Lynn (Peterson) Murray
  • Bob Thewlis
  • Joy (Van Eck) Peluchette
  • Accommodations for Friday night at La Casa
  • Kendall Amick
  • Copies of his two CDs:  A CD of original songs--KDB3: Autobiograph--and a Christmas CD--St. Simon's Sounds!  A Christmas Celebration.  (A sampling of Doug's works can be found at Note: May experience a longer download time getting to this site on older computers.
  • Doug Bowers
  • Princess House lead crystal millennium eagle
  • Princess House crystal millennium toasting flutes gift basket
  • Kenna (Kelly) Haj
  • Gift baskets
  • Sue (Welch) Healy
  • Carol (Young) Pessin
  • Slight Indulgence
  • Hosting of Web site
  • Bob Joseph
  • Cigars
  • Anne (McCloskey) Sarmiento
  • Autographed pro ball
  • Carol Trompak
  • Money or some wonderful item no one's had time to describe to me.
  • Dave and Kim Cotter
  • Heather (Curtis) Ward
  • Scott Frasier
  • Stephanie (Howes) Juristy
  • Lewis and Lezlie Lough
  • Rachel (Neal) Handel
  • Robert Covert
  • Nancy (Lorince) and Roger Hill
  • Alice (Larew) Matheny
  • Sound system for SDR/Brandywine
  • Casey Rhodes

If your name isn't listed above and you contributed, it's probably just that no one told me or my exciting life is preoccupied with work, laundry, shopping, chauffeuring, etc.  Send me an email and I'll make sure you get added on...just as soon as I get back from Giant Eagle.

Class Directory Ad Rates (at last printing; subject to change)

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